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The new year is the time for making resolutions. Everyone comes up with resolutions, but many will not follow through. However, that does not mean that it is a pointless exercise. Making resolutions means knowing what your priorities should be in the coming year. There is one resolution that everyone needs to make that is easy to stick to, hassle-free, and will go a long way in keeping you healthy and comfortable in the future. That is to have regular dental service, or dental checkups, done. When your mouth is unhealthy, it will harm your overall health. So what does dental service mean?

What Is Routine Dental Service?

The American Dental Association recommends regular dental checkups to maintain optimum oral health. The general guidelines are to visit the dentist every six months, but the dentist will determine the frequency based on an individual's oral health status. Your mouth is central to your health, not just in giving you the ability to consume the food you need to survive but also to enjoy what you consume. It is a vital part of the image you present to the world. Your smile says a lot about you, and it reflects your health and well-being, and the confidence a friendly smile gives you adds to the confidence that others have in you.

Many people go to a dentist only when they start having teeth or gum problems, which means the dental conditions have already advanced. By this time, the dental treatment that will be required will be more complicated and time-consuming than what it would have been if the ailment had been spotted at an early stage. You may not know that you are developing a dental problem, but a dentist will easily diagnose it during a regular examination. Typically, that means a quicker and simpler treatment.

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Smile and The World Smiles with You

This may be a trite old saying, but it remains true. Being able to smile and speak to others with confidence, knowing that your teeth and gums look good and that your breath is fresh means functioning at your best in work, social, and family situations and close personal relationships. It also means that others will be more comfortable approaching you to establish relationships. Teeth cleaning is a common dental service, but it is only the cosmetic part of dental care. Healthy teeth and gums require controlling the development of plaque and cavities, removing stains, and the preventive treatment of gum ailments.

If you start the year with a plan for dental service, you will find that the benefits will make it easier to stick to and positively impact your physical and mental health and social interactions. Contact us at 408-725-1536 or email us at info@hillsdentalgroup.com to get started on your dental health and well-being journey.


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