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What Is the Best Crown Type for the Front Teeth?

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There are several reasons why you may need a dental crown to be put in place. The most common are:

• A tooth has been severely damaged or has broken

• It has suffered extensive decay

• It has undergone a dental procedure such as a root canal

The are many crown options available and your dentist will recommend one that is right for you.

Types of Crowns

The most common types of crowns include:

  • Metal Crowns: These are the strongest and most durable. The typical materials used for metal crowns are gold, platinum anda nickel-based alloy. These crowns are ideal for adding strength to dental bridges. However, there are some negatives to them- they may cause damage to adjacent teeth and the crown will not match the appearance of the natural teeth which will affect your smile. For these reasons, metal crowns are normally used for the molars and teeth at the back of the mouth where they will not be seen.
  • Porcelain and Ceramic Crowns: These are the most natural-looking crowns and can be shaded to perfectly match your front teeth so that they are indistinguishable from them. That is why they are the most common type for the front teeth. They may not be as durable as metal crowns, but since the front teeth as subject to less stress than the molars, this remains the most popular choice. Additionally, this is ideal for those who may have metal allergies that preclude the use of metal crowns.
  • Porcelain Fused to Metal Crown: These crowns combine the strength of metal crowns with the cosmetic appeal of porcelain. However, while they are strong and durable, over time the metal often starts to show through the porcelain. Another potential problem is thatas time passes a metal line may start to appear at the top of the tooth, below the gum line.
  • All Resin Crown: These crowns can be shaded to match the look and color of your natural teeth. However, these are the most fragile type of crowns and are prone to fractures, chips and cracks. They require fairly frequent replacement.

Your Dentist Knows Best

Your dentist is the expert who will tell you what type of crown is right for your front teeth. While it will generally be a porcelain or ceramic one, there could be imperatives that require another type of crown to be used. The dentist will explain the reason for her recommendation.

If you need a crown to be put in place, the sooner it is done the better. If you break a tooth or in need of any dental services it would be better to search for nearby dentists. For example if you live in San Jose area then you can use search options emergency dentist in San Jose. You can also go with your family dentist if you have one. Having a family dentist who also provides emergency dental care will make getting the treatment simple and easy.


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