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Women and Oral Health

Women and Oral Health

There are many stages we go through in our life and every phase of our life affects our health in a different way. In this newsletter, we will discuss the affects on oral and dental health of women.

There are five stages a female goes through.

1. Puberty

The drastic change in the hormones makes the gums swollen and sensitive, sometimes also leading to mouth sores and increased plaque build-up.

2. Oral Contraceptives:

Females using oral contraceptives which contain estrogen and progesterone can lead to gingivitis. When getting procedures like dental extractions, females taking oral contraceptives are more prone to getting dry socket which is a painful condition. Therefore, it is very important to let your dentist know if you are taking any of these medications, as the dentist might do the procedure when you are not taking these contraceptives.

3. Pregnancy:

It is very important to have a good oral hygiene during pregnancy. Second trimester is the safest period to get minor dental work done.

Since the baby's teeth develop during 3rd to 6th month in the womb, it is very important to eat a well-balanced, healthy diet rich in vitamins and nutrients, as what you eat has a direct effect on thebaby's health.

Due to the hormonal changes during this period, expecting moms are at the risk of getting gum problems, pregnancy gingivitis. If this is left untreated, unhealthy gums during pregnancy can lead to preterm labor and low birth weight baby.

Morning sickness and vomiting can cause erosions and cavities. Regular flossing and brushing can lead to healthy gums and dental heath during pregnancy.

4. Menopause:

This is the phase in women life which affects her overall health and oral cavity including but not limited to dry mouth, altered taste, burning sensation and increase in sensitivity and bone loss and increased dental decay.

If dry mouth is becoming problem, use artificial saliva like BIOTENE, over the counter mouthwash. Keepyourself very well hydrated.For minimizing the bone loss, take proper amount of calcium and vitamin D.

Tips for a better oral hygiene:

  • Brush, floss and use antimicrobial mouthwash regularly.
  • Regular visits to dental professional
  • Eating a well balanced diet, avoid salty, sugary and starchy foods.

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