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Dr. Vyas uplifts the patient experience with cutting-edge dental technology. Hills Dental use the DentsplySirona Laser Advance Plus System to address a wide range of soft and hard tissue conditions.

The Sirona Advance PlusLaser is a dual wavelength laser that can increase precision in many of our procedures. This particular laser quickly earned widespread industry acclaim.

Laser Dentistry in San Jose


How can you, as the patient, benefit from the DentsplySirona Advance PlusLaser system?

  • Enjoy Shorter Appointments: The DentsplySirona Advance PlusLaser dissolves tissue so rapidly that you will notice a significant decrease in your procedure time. Less time in the dental chair means more time for the things that matter most to you.
  • Experience Greater Comfort: You will feel more comfortable during and after your procedure. There’s no drilling or cutting. The Dentsply Sirona Advance PlusLaser painlessly evaporates the tissue, while reducing bleeding and swelling.
  • Undergo an Easier Recovery: Because of the nature and precision of the laser system, your recovery will be quicker. Swelling will go down quickly, and you should feel little to no discomfort. Due to the exactness of the laser, any complication related to recovery is very unlikely.

You can trust the DentsplySirona Advance Laser Plus for ultimate accuracy and greater success!

WHEN IS THE Dentisplysironaadvance plus LASER USED?

The Sirona Advance plus Laser can be used for:

Discover case examples in the form of images and video clips in each category. Allow yourself to be inspired - nothing beats practical experience; Simply click on the link and select the desired application to access images and videos from daily practice instruments/diode-lasers/treatment-options.html

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