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New Trends in Dentistry and What They Mean For Patients

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There was a time, not so long ago, when the fear of going to the dentist was the subject of jokes and cartoons because the dread was so real. No longer. Technology, procedures, and systems are changing the way that medicine is being provided today. Dentistry is a part of that change, and some of the innovations offer a lot of comfort and convenience to patients. Here is what you can expect from a dentist that provides patients the cutting edge in dental services and procedures.

3D Printing

3D printing has impacted almost every aspect of life, and the dental industry is no exception. This technology provides lower costs in producing crowns, aligners, veneers, and other orthodontic products. This lower cost is coupled with reduced fabrication time and, perhaps most importantly, a far better fit and finish than was previously possible. This technology is still evolving, and even the experts are unwilling to risk predicting where the benefits will stop.

Laser Procedures

Laser technology is the most in-demand and fastest-growing field in dentistry. The reason for this is the variety of applications and benefits lasers offer. From teeth whitening to fighting tooth decay, removing lesions, reshaping the gums, killing oral bacteria, and much more, lasers can do it all. Besides the versatility of lasers, the main benefits are the accuracy and speed at which treatment may be given. This means a tangible increase in patients' comfort levels, both in terms of far less pain and discomfort and reduced treatment times. Another benefit is the reduced recovery and healing time.


This comes from the technology that the patient uses. Patients no longer have to visit the clinic and spend hours filling out forms and providing details of their medical history. All this can now be done from home comfort and fixing appointments and making payments for the treatments. All this means less time at the dentist's office and more time for the patient to pursue their interests. Another aspect of convenience is the reduction in patient stress. Patients can now see virtual images of what they will look like once the orthodontic procedures are completed. This gives them a great deal of comfort and confidence, which improves the overall treatment experience.

Artificial Intelligence

AI is no longer science fiction - it is today's reality, and dentists, like every other professional, embrace it. AI can take over an increasing amount of record-keeping, data analysis, and other back-office functions, freeing the dentist from paperwork to maintain the highest patient care levels.

Social Media

Patient involvement is a core ingredient of modern dentistry. Using social media in the form of blogs, posts, videos, and newsletters enable dentists to keep patients informed of the latest dentistry developments, the new features and treatments available, and the benefits that come from them. Patient involvement leads to increased patient comfort and ease.

Best dentists will stay abreast with developments in the field and focus their attention on providing the best care and treatment. Call us for more information or to book your appt.

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