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How to Prepare for Orthodontic Treatment

How to Prepare for Orthodontic Treatment

Dental treatments can vary from a quick lunchtime dentist appointment, after which you return to work, to major oral surgery. Thankfully, few people have to undergo the latter, but almost everyone has to make the occasional trip to the dentist for check-ups or orthodontic treatment. Modern dentistry has come a long way from the olden days when a visit to the dentist was something to be dreaded because of the pain and discomfort that patients experienced. While the experience today is far less painful and far more comfortable, a little preparation on the part of the patient can make the treatment more accessible and help improve the outcome. Here are a few ways by which you can help ensure that your dental/orthodontic treatment goes well.

Ways to Prepare for Orthodontic Treatment

  • If you are visiting a new dentist or your dentist does not have all your old relevant medical records, send this to her well in advance. This will enable her to evaluate your case more accurately and will help her develop the optimum treatment plan.
  • A good dentist will do a detailed and extensive dental examination before deciding on the treatment procedure. Once that is done, you will be informed about the treatment options and the benefits of each one. Ask all the questions you want before working with the dentist to decide which course of action to follow.
  • Once the treatment has been finalized, ask about the following, so you can be prepared for the procedure:
    • What are the steps involved, and how long will it usually take?
    • Will follow-up visits be required?
    • Will an anesthetic be used, and if so, will it be local or general?
    • Ask about any steps you need to do to prepare yourself for the treatment.
    • Ask about any precautions you will need to take after the procedure.
    • Ask if special precautions need to be taken to make getting used to the appliance easier.
  • Buy and take any medication the dentist advises.
  • If you are asked to come for the appointment on an empty stomach, ensure that you do not eat anything before arriving at the dental clinic.
  • If you have dietary restrictions after the treatment (i.e., eating only soft foods for a day or two), make sure you have stocked enough at home.
  • There is always the chance of last-minute insurance-related paperwork to complete, so make sure you arrive early for the appointment.
  • If you become ill before the appointment, inform the dentist. It may be better to postpone the procedure.

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Orthodontic/dental procedures and treatments are nothing to be frightened of, and your dentist will ensure that you have only the minimum discomfort and downtime. If you have not been having regular dental check-ups and do not have a family dentist to go to, start working on finding the right dentist now. Just search for dental offices in San Jose. Change the location to match where you live.


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