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5 Reasons Why Baby Teeth are Important

5 Reasons Why Baby Teeth are Important

If you have been patiently waiting for your baby's cute toothy smile, then wait a little while for his/her teeth to show up. Meanwhile, here is some crucial information for you. Did you know that when a baby is born, 20 primary teeth are already there in the jaws, and they start appearing when the baby is 6 months to 1 year old?

Usually, by the age of 3, most children already have a set of 20 primary teeth. When the first teeth come in, some babies may get tender or sore gums that make them cranky. If your baby feels increasingly uncomfortable, it is better to consult a dental specialist in your area.

The purpose of this post is to emphasize the importance of baby teething.

Here are 5 Reasons to Reiterate Why Baby Teeth are Important

Have you ever heard comments like,"Why is there so much fuss about baby teeth? They will fall out anyway!"

In this post, we will clarify why baby teeth are crucial.Firstly, they are essential for your child's health and development. Baby teeth will help your child to chew, utter words, and smile.

If a baby loses a tooth early, the permanent teeth under his/her gum can move into the vacant space and make it challengingfor other adult teeth to find roomwhen they appear. Due to this, a baby may have crowded or crooked teeth.

We have listed five reasons below as to why baby teeth are important:

1. Development of Permanent Teeth

Healthy permanent teeth complement the development of baby teeth, which are close to each other. The size of baby teeth is relatively smaller, and cavities can occur quickly through the thin enamel. Lack of cavities treatment may lead to infection to the baby teeth and damage the permanent teeth below.

2. Proper Alignment and Positioning of Teeth

During a baby's teething, the primary teeth leave room for the adult teeth and help their proper positioning. As we said earlier, if the baby loses a tooth early because of tooth decay, the nearest tooth tends to move into that space. In such cases, the permanent tooth will have less space and obstruction to come in there.

3. Speech Development

The proper alignment and positioning of baby teeth help in developing correct pronunciations during the speech. When forming sound, the lips, tongue, and cheeks deflect off teeth. Besides, the structure of teeth also supports the development of facial muscles of a baby.

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4. Helps in Getting Adequate Nutrition

Teeth are essential for chewing food properly. Due to dental pain, a baby will not be able to chew food, which will result in nutritional deficiencies. Besides, delay in treating cavities may pose a greater risk of having an infection. Things can quickly turn into an emergency if a dental abscess is left untreated.

5. Oral Hygiene

A child's teething is a delicate process where the baby's teeth play a critical role in the hygiene of his/her permanent teeth. Babies are as vulnerable to plaque and gum issues as adults. So, cleaning up food residues from a baby's teeth helps in overall oral hygiene, along with regular dental checkups.

Closing Words

It is still a matter of concern that many parents are not aware ofthe importance of their children's primary teeth or baby teeth for their future oral health. The American Dental Association (ADA) has emphasized the significance of the baby teeth and urges parents to consult a qualified dentist within six months of the first tooth shows up.

Let us reiterate that baby teeth do matter! By taking some careful steps, you can ensure your baby's health and future development towards a beautiful life!

Here at Hills dental we take care of kids and family as whole. We can assess your child's dental health and help him/ her have healthy teeth. Call 408-725-1536 or email us at info@hillsdentalgroup.com to schedule an appointment for your little one.


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