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Diet, Oral Hygiene and Pregnancy - What You Need To Know

Pregnancy is a special time in a woman's life. If you are pregnant, you know that this is when you need to take special care of yourself and the new life growing inside you. There is a considerable volume of information available on what you need to do and how to do it. While it is important not to let information overload confuse you, the more you know, the better you can care for yourself. One area that often does not receive the importance it deserves is the importance of your diet and oral hygiene in keeping you healthy.

What to Eat

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion, these basic guidelines should help you to eat properly:

• Your consumption of fruits and vegetables should make up about half of your total food intake each day.

• Focus on eating lean proteins such as lean beef and skinless chicken. Ensure that you include eggs in your diet. Consuming vegetable proteins in the form of legumes, peas, and beans will keep your protein intake well balanced.

• Unless there are allergy issues, try to eat at least 8 oz. of seafood a week.

What not to eat is also essential. The amount you eat will go up during pregnancy, and so will the frequency of your eating. Snacking between meals is fine, but avoid junk food. Stick to healthy snacks. If in doubt about that to eat, consult your doctor.

Oral Hygiene

Pregnancy does not automatically lead to dental problems, despite what various old wives tales say. However, during pregnancy, your body's production of hormones increases, and this can affect the response to plaque build-up on the teeth, which could lead to tooth decay and gum diseases. The common causes of dental problems during pregnancy include:

• Pre-existing gum disease
• Pregnancy-related vomiting
• Excessive consumption of sugary foods and drinks
• Nausea and retching while brushing teeth.

Some studies suggest that periodontal disease, a chronic infection of the gums, is a contributory factor in premature births.

Good oral hygiene during pregnancy is not difficult - normal tooth, and gum care is enough:

• Brush your teeth after each meal, preferably with fluoridated toothpaste
• Floss regularly
• Use a germ-killing mouthwash

The Role of the Dentist

Your dentist has a significant role to play and in keeping you and your baby safe and healthy during pregnancy. Include her in your pregnancy-related healthcare plans. If you are planning to get pregnant and are thinking about any elective dental procedures, discuss what you are planning with your dentist and if approved by her, have to procedures completed before you start expecting.

If you are pregnant, inform your dentist about your condition. She may decide to avoid taking x-rays, prescribing certain medications, using anesthesia, or any other actions that could affect the baby's health and development.

Enjoy This Time

Pregnancy does cause physical discomfort and limits your activities to some extent. However, it is an experience to be savored and enjoyed. With the support of your obstetrician and dentist, you and your baby can stay safe and healthy.

We at Hills Dental Group, can help you achieve the healthy gums, and a healthy smile. Call us at 408-725-1536 or email us at info@hillsdentalgroup.com to schedule an appointment and we will be happy to get you on track to happy, healthy life.


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