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Importance of Orthodontic Treatments

Who's Afraid of Dental X-Rays?

Orthodontic treatment is the term that denotes dental procedures and the use of braces and other devices to straighten the teeth. The process is a common one and involves no risk, pain, or downtime. Many people think that these treatments are purely cosmetic and do not want to undergo the process. While the improved appearance that results from straight and even teeth cannot be questioned, there is much more to orthodontic treatments. These benefits include better physical and mental well-being.

Better Oral Health

Having straight teeth will protect your teeth and gums from various medical conditions. When the teeth are crooked and uneven, it is much more challenging to clean them properly, resulting in food particles remaining lodged between them, causing the growth of plaque and germs spread. From this state to the development of cavities is a small step. Besides developing new cavities, existing ones will increase in size, causing problems with any fillings that may be in place. Besides teeth problems, the greater danger from crooked and misaligned teeth is the increased risk of gum disease and even bone loss, resulting in the loss of teeth. Unhealthy gums become extremely sensitive, making chewing food painful, which could lead to various illnesses. Some studies show that bacteria from the mouth can travel through the bloodstream and contribute to health issues in other parts of the body.

Jaw Health

The jaw is one of the most used parts of the body. From speaking to eating food to drawing in extra air after exertion, the jaw is always used. Uneven and unaligned teeth will affect a person's bite. Overbite and underbite both place stress on the jaw and its muscles, leading to jaw pain, which can be debilitating in the most severe form. Misalignment of the upper and lower jaw will also place extra stress on the teeth, which will become worn, weak, and more prone to breaking. In some cases, misaligned jaws can even lead to difficulty in speaking.

Psychological Health

One thing we all know is that even straight teeth are the foundation of a great smile. This smile is not merely a matter of enhancing physical appeal. With a great smile, a person is more confident in social situations and can function at a higher level. This applies to professional and works life as well - an attractive smile can increase professional confidence, which will result in actual growth in professional capabilities. All aspects of life often require close physical interaction with others. The bad breath that results from the fact that crooked teeth are difficult to clean can cause people to pull away.

Orthodontic treatment is the solution to all these and other problems. With straight and even teeth, the quality of life improves in many ways. There are many ways to correct your teeth alignment. Metal braces, Clear braces or Clear Aligner Therapy. Ask us what the best treatment option for you is. Call us at 408-725-1536 and we can help you.

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