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Fluoride and Teeth

Fluoride and Teeth

A very common question asked is, how I can make my teeth strong, so I don't get cavities or I don't feel sensitive.

Answer to this is Fluoride.

The outer layer of tooth is called enamel and is strongest in the body.

Enamel comprises of calcium and phosphate.

When one eats foods and does not clean their mouth, bacteria in our mouth start feeding on the carbohydrate. This results in the acid production and causes damage to the enamel as the calcium and phosphate is removed from the enamel due to acidic environment. This make enamel weak and susceptible to decay.

The fluoride from your toothpaste/ drinking water/ mouthwash, combines with the calcium and phosphate in the enamel and forms Fluorapatite crystals which is very strong and protects the teeth from decay.

If the individual has improper bite or is brushing tooth hard, this can lead to enamel wearing off and gum recession. In these cases the second layer of tooth, Dentin is exposed into the oral cavity which can make one feel lot of sensitivity to temperature changes in mouth.

In this situation, Fluoride combines with the hydrogen and oxygen molecules and form Hydroxyapatite crystals which blocks the dentinal tubules and helps with the sensitivity.

It is very important for a child to have fluoridated water when the teeth are forming, as this systemic intake of fluoride helps in stronger enamel for the teeth which are still forming.

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Once the teeth erupt in the mouth, using fluoride toothpaste is very important.

You can check if the water in your area is fluoridated, if it is not your child's pediatrician can prescribe Fluoride tablets.

Your dentist can recommend, what would be a good procedure for you.

Here at Hills Dental, we can help you evaluate how strong is your enamel is and how we can help you have healthy teeth and healthy oral cavity. To schedule an appointment, call us at 408-725-1536 or email us at info@hillsdentalgroup.com.

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